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Common Treatments: Before and After

Incredible results and inspiring journeys; see some of our patients' before and after photos next time you visit our practice.

  • Crowded with Crossbite after
  • Crowded Deepbite after
  • Deepbite-Class1 after
  • Deepbite-Class2 after
  • Deepbite-impacted Canine after
  • Class 2 Div 1-Upper Teeth Forward after
  • Class 2 Div 2- Deepbite after
  • Class 2- Crowded after
  • Openbite- anterior and posterior after
  • Openbite with crossbite after
  • Openbite- anterior after
  • Crossbite-anterior teeth after
  • Crossbite – anterior and posterior after
  • Crossbite-lateral incisors after
  • Missing lateral incisors-deepbite after
  • Missing lateral incisors-spaces closed after
  • Missing laterals –Ortho and crowns after
  • Spacing- midline gap after
  • Spacing-front teeth after
  • Spacing-high canines after
  • Adult-ortho and veneers after
  • Adult –crowded after
  • Crowding and crossbite after
  • Adult- ortho and crowns after



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