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Retainer Instructions

retainer instructions

Your Retainers /Upper Removable Retainer

You must wear your retainer 24 hours per day.  A retainer is worn to give support to your teeth while the bone and other supporting tissues are stabilizing.

Please eat with your retainer in place.

Brush your teeth and the retainer after all meals.  Remember to remove the retainer from your mouth before brushing!

The retainer must be cleaned with a soft toothbrush or nailbrush and soap (toothpaste is too abrasive).  Alternatively, your retainer can be cleaned using “Polident Fresh Active 5 Minutes” in warm water (available from supermarkets and pharmacies).

If you participate in contact sports, remove your retainer for the duration of the practice/game.  Ensure that you place your retainer into the box, which we have provided for you, for safekeeping.  We recommend that you wear a custom-made mouthguard if you participate in contact sports.

Fixed Retainers:

Remember these retainers are simply ‘glued on’ Please avoid biting directly onto hard foods which could shear them off.  You have been shown how to floss under these wires – please remember to floss daily.

Please contact our practice immediately if you lose, damage or break your retainer.  You will be charged for repairs to/or replacements of lost or broken retainers.  If your fixed retainer wires come loose from your teeth, contact us immediately and bring your retainer wire with you to the appointment so that it can be re-cemented.

Please contact your dentist for a check up now you have finished treatment 

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