Adults can have orthodontic treatment too!

Adults can have orthodontic treatment too!

Would it surprise you to know that in our practice we currently treat almost as many adults as children? Times have changed since todays adults were children, and so has orthodontic technology.

The average treatment time in our practice for treating adults with either clear braces or Invisalign clear retainer treatment is approximately one year. A year! You can do anything for a year.

Imagine having people comment on your smile nearly every day. We hear that regularly from our patients who have completed treatment.

One of the first things my adult patients often tell me when they come in for an orthodontic consultation is “I cover my mouth when I smile” or sadly, “I don’t smile”.

So many of us are unhappy with the way our smile looks to the world, and selfies don’t help!

At any age, careful smile design can change the dynamic between the teeth and the lips, creating a youthful, healthy smile. We’ve had many adult patients (some in their 70s) benefit from well crafted, artistic smile design. Could you be one of those lucky few that change their smile into something never to be covered up again? Investment in your smile is immeasurable. Call us today!